Before track season started this year my wife and I, along with my good friend and assistant track coach, Jack Nash, spent three weeks in the west African country of Ghana visiting my daughter, Kirstin, who's in the Peace Corps there. We did a lot of travelling, had many adventures and took over 1500 photos. This is a portal to a web site that has nothing at all to do with track except for the fact that there were two track coaches along for the ride. One thing I noticed was the Ghanaian's love of soccer, it's everywhere and played by kids of all ages every place a clearing can be found. No moms driving their kids in SUV's to the games. No overpaid soccer coaches. No expensive club teams. Just pick-up games. One has to wonder how many more Freddy Adus are kicking a ball around barefoot and around a goat on these clearings. They were all having fun without adult "supervision." I'm sure I could have randomly picked a dozen of the older kids and come-up with a championship track team. These guys were fit! Even more refreshing was the fact that we didn't see a single lacrosse game. Anyway an article just came out in the Coronado Eagle about a project Kirstin's working on so I thought I'd SPAM you guys a bit with the details. Maybe someone has a contact to help with her out. Also, it was also a good excuse to start sorting through the photos and get started on a travelogue of the experience.
-George Green
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